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Invitation 2012 French Presence in KZN programme

Zamimpilo Invitation
Launch of the Pmb/KZN 16th Annual French week

Community Projects:
Résumé of recent activities including Zamimpilo Drop In Centre, France, Pmb

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From 2011

Woz 'ocheka Tours:
Promoting Pietermaritzburg's Culture, Heritage and Scenic Beauty (PDF format)

The African Queens / Les Reines Africaines:
Tour KwaZulu-Natal with a French ambiance - includes The Freedom Route and The French Presence in KwaZulu-Natal

From 2010

The 2010 Program

From November 2007, the 29th

The French Connection, article from the Witness (29/11/07)

From November 2007, the 27th

On Tuesday 27 November 2007, Mr Sven de Mare, Regional Manager, RENAULT South Africa, accompanied by Glenn Flanagan, project leader, drove a Renault Traffic van and trailer, filled with donations, up to the Uqweqwe community. They made the usual stop in Pommeroy to see the French Srs Michael and Théophane at the Noyi Bazi Clinic. Once in the community the donations (including three beds) were unpacked, a presentation of maize, beans and beetroot seeds from Starke Ayers, was made to the gogos responsible for the LHR Marion Soreil vegetable garden, and an inspection of both schools was made by Mr Sven de Mare.

From November 2007

New publication : END OF A DYNASTY, The Last Days of the Prince Imperial, Zululand 1879

From October 2007, the 29th

On 29/30 October 2007 Glenn Flanagan (project leader) together with Miriam Brauch (German student from Fachhochschule Westküste) and Senzo Mzila (2nd year student at the DUT) attended a meeting with the Mayor of the Abaqulusi Municipality , his colleagues and members of the Uqweqwe Tourism Committee. After that they visited the Uqweqwe Community. There they met the two headmasters, staff members of the schools, pupils, community members and had a look at the new vegetable garden. They also attended the start of the GRADE "R" Graduation in the Jojosini Primary School.

From summer 2007

2 french volunteers, François LE QUEMENER and Vivien LEGOFF, created an association (A'frinux) in France in 2006, November. They raised funds, and came to Uqweqwe comunity to teach IT to the teachers of the primary and secondary schools. They stayed 6 weeks among the comunity. Furthermore, they made donations, so that the IT room were upgraded.