Gallery of photos and events

Co-creation of Zamimpilo artworks with Jeanine Panteix, February 2012

Zamimpilo Drop-In Centre and Crèche, February 2012

Hilton College visit to Zamimpilo, October 2011

World War II medals

James Henry Birch Flanagan, father of the project leader, Glenn Flanagan, fought in the Second World War. His war medals were donated to the Musée national de la Légion d’honneur et des ordres de chevalerie, in Paris, France. They are exhibited in one of the drawers of the Commonwealth Collection.

Official Reception, Tatham Art Gallery, June 2009

Prince Impérial Concert, Tatham Art Gallery

DUT students seen with Madame Helen Vermaak and Monsieur Garth Styles at the lunch time concert, 28 May.

DUT Public Relations Interns on tour of the French presence in Pietermaritzburg with a British volunteer at The Old Prison, Project Gateway, 26 January 2009

130th Anniversary of the Anglo-Zulu War visit to Dundee

The Prince Impérial monument and the Uqweqwe community with two DUT Public Relations interns, Phumzile Zulu and Mandisi Ngcobo, 17-19 January 2009

Mme Val Appanna, Provincial BEE Director, Standard Bank

Mme Appanna poses with Mandisi Ngcobo, Phumzile Zulu and Nonhlanhla Khumalo with a “French Presence in KZN” appliqué embroided by Mavis Buthelezi, Uqweqwe

The 4th anniversary of the Prince Impérial Rose Garden

Riverside, Midland’s Campus, DUT, 14 March 2008

Commemorating the Prince Impérial

In Newcastle with the Mayor, Councillor Dube, the Curator of Fort Amiel, Louis Eksteen, the Die Hards from Dundee and the Newcastle public, 16 February 2008

Donation from Renault

In Uqweqwe Community

Glenn Flanagan (project leader) together with Miriam Brauch

In Uqweqwe Community

3rd annual Prince Impérial Rose Garden celebrations

DUT Riverside Campus, 16 March 2007
151st anniversary of the Prince Impérial and 10th anniversary of the Prince Impérial rose

Panels installed at the Imperial Hotel

Soirée to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Prince Impérial Rose

1979 Centenary Commemorative Ceremonies

At the Prince Imperial Monument in the presence of their imperial hignesses the Prince and Princess Napoleon and Prince Mangosuthu Gatsho Buthelezi

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